Frank Tufano’s Carnivore Course

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Everything you need to know to get started and THRIVE on the carnivore diet!



Over 7 years of experience on the Carnivore Diet

You will receive the 1 hour video course via email

2 reviews for Frank Tufano’s Carnivore Course

  1. Michel Mansour

    Frank’s course gave me my life back, my wife Karen came back with the kids and allowed me back into the house, and my dad came back from the grocery store after all these years! Without the cigarettes he went out to buy mind you, he must’ve been yearning for that nicotine! Having a certificate of watching frank’s course on my resum√© allowed me to take on the job as CEO of Google, and it even caused rebels in the Congo to dub me as the de facto dictator of their controlled territory. I now have 15 concubines and Frank to thank for it all. He even restored my faith in God, because seeing his chiseled jawline made me realize, that only a God could create something so beautiful, but most importantly, I came to the realization that Frank is god. 5/5

  2. Caid Vero (verified owner)

    Most detailed info on the carnivore diet I’ve come across. $20 is a steal for all the value Frank provided.

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