Maximum Volume Hypertrophy Training

After spending over 15 years in and out of gyms bodybuilding I’ve developed training principles that allow you to achieve all your goals as efficiently as possible. In this workout course I will give a brief overview of those principles, then take you through a real-time workout so you can develop an in-depth understanding of what I do, and why I do it. 
The training volume, frequency, weight, repetition tempo, and injury risk have all been optimized to make sure your vision comes to life. Whether it be winning a local strongman competition or having the best abs on the beach, you can apply these ideas to adapt an entirely new routine or alter your current one.

Carnivore Diet

I’ve been a carnivore for over 7 years now, and I’ve never been healthier. Initially starting the diet because of health issues from a pharmaceutical drug, I have spent thousands of hours over the past years researching and understanding the most important thing in our diets: the presence of high quality animal foods. This makes me excited to announce my Carnivore Video Course.

In this Course you will not only learn about how to start and THRIVE on the carnivore diet, I will cover everything you need to be optimally healthy, including Sun exposure for Vitamin D3, Exercise to increase lean body mass, removing pollutants from your water, reducing non-native aspects of our modern world, and of course any common questiins you may have with a carnivore diet.