We have shied away from the nutrient dense animal foods our ancestors used to consume, as well as the traditional preparations of a variety of wild plant foods. In addition to that we consume inflammatory, refined versions of foods with unnatural things such as high omega-6 foods, sugar, refined starches, high yield vegetables and fruits.

By consuming high quality animal fat and protein (wild fish, free-range eggs, pastured meats, raw grass-fed dairy) we achieve the nutrient density that humans needed to be in good health for hundreds of thousands of years. In removing all of the negative foods we get rid of inflammation completely in the diet, allowing the body to heal.


We used to be active for many, many hours per day. Have you ever seen a fat Native American or Tribesman? If you are fortunate enough to have a very physically active job then the only thing to address might be pain or postural imbalances. Otherwise, it takes many hours of intense activity in the gym to make up for years of sedentary activity.


Optimal vitamin D3 levels were inherently achieved through sun exposure or diet depending on the location and ancestry. With our new, unnatural world, we need to target specific foods and methods to achieve proper levels.


There are both negative physical and chemical components in most modern day water. By removing them and achieving ideal mineral content we are able to become hydrated properly, resulting in electrolyte balance.

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