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Plant VS Animal Vitamins


If you asked someone why fruits and vegetables were good for you I bet they would have a hard time giving you a straight answer, let alone explaining it in depth. There are many different forms of vitamins, deviated specifically by the plant vs. the animal form. Unfortunately for many vegans, we do not have ruminant digestive systems and cannot convert many of the nutrients in plant based foods into the versions our body needs.

In this video I touch on Vitamin B12, Iron, Vitamin K2, Minerals, Vitamin A, DHA, Protein, Vitamin D, as well as carnosine/taurine.

Vitamin B12 and iron cannot be obtained in adequate amounts from plant foods, as we see common deficiencies on plant based diets. Vitamin K1 needs to be converted to K2 in the digestive tract. Minerals in plants are in different forms (oxalates) than certain animal forms (usually taurate). Retinoic Acid (Vitamin A) is drastically different than beta-carotene, and some people can’t even convert beta-carotene. DHA is only available in reasonable amounts from fatty fish as the body cannot effectively convert ALA into an adequate amount. Protein is a bit up in the air with protein powders (labaratory expreiments). Vitamin D can be obtained from the sun but is only present in animal foods. Carnosine/taurine have many health benefits and are only found in animal foods.

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