Sister Before And After Carnivore Diet

I recently started on the Carnivore Diet and I had several challenges and concerns. I have had lifelong gut issues and Frank’s knowledge was key in getting past some of the challenges I was having with the diet. It has been the best diet I’ve ever been on because of Frank’s support. Because of that, I have decided to invest in regular sessions with Frank to learn the subtleties of this diet so I can get in the best health possible. I don’t just want to get the basics – I want to truly understand what creates real health, and I believe that Frank is an incredible source of knowledge for this purpose. 



Franks’ diet is far superior to any diet I have ever tried. Ever since suffering from gastrointestinal distress my entire life, I assumed bloating and flatulence was a normal byproduct of eating.

I attempted to fix the root cause of my discomfort by experimenting with multiple diets. I tried keto, auto-immune paleo, zerocarb, and raw primal. I spent a lot of time and effort in troubleshooting this on my own until I came across Franks channel and finally reaching out to him.

The amount of knowledge and experience Frank has in the field of nutrition and indigenous living is nothing short of exemplary. Not only has he cured my stomach issues, but he also provided me with an extremely effective workout regimen that has allowed me to put on an outstanding amount of lean mass within a very short time frame.

Working with Frank has truly been a gift and a pleasure. I highly recommend consulting with him for anyone looking to increase their health and quality of life. Keep it up Frank, you are truly doing the world a favor.



Frank went incredibly in depth on numerous questions I had on health and fitness. Frank’s workout plan helped me pass a plateau for both my strength and aesthetics. He also helped me clear up my acne. Overall I am much more confident in my appearance and feel much healthier after a month of implementing Frank’s recommend changes to my diet and exercise plan. My favorite part though was finally getting to talk with someone so knowledgeable and passionate about a zero carb approach to health and fitness, there’s really nobody else out there like Frank. Thank you for everything!

– Leo


I like your attitude Frank, and your attention to detail, you have finally helped me convince my wife to eat more animal fats and proteins and she is healing in all levels, mental emotional and physical.



That was all the motivation I needed. I’m still keeping up with the carnivore diet, and thanks to your research I know I can keep on keeping it up. I tried grass fed beef heart –DELICIOUS– for the first time a few weeks ago. I have another one in the fridge right now. Last night I had grass fed beef liver for the first time – less delicious but today I feel great!

While my tinnitus still comes and goes, my anxiety around it is actually manageable and the despair I felt from it is gone. I’m still searching for specific causes but I know with absolute certainty it’s diet related, probably inflammation based. Every time I have a flare-up I can link it to something outside of the carnivore diet that I tried reintroducing, and every time I go back to grass fed beef & tallow, it resolves.

I just wanted to reach out (before you get famous) with a big THANK YOU. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my hearts (the one in my chest and the one in my fridge). Keep doing what you do. I think critical literacy, especially around food, is the most important skill anyone can develop. My appreciation for your evidence-based approach (and your critical awareness of what constitutes GOOD evidence and what does not) cannot be overstated.

Much love from up North,

– Jared


I’ve been carnivore for 3 years and have received many benefits. I used to be “cultist” but the longer I’m on it and the more i listen to you and Paleomedicina, the more i agree with organs and natural meats. I currently eat approx a 70/30 split of grain fed, as i have a a family and cant afford grass fed….but i do supplement with local gf organs. 99% cured my health issues.  The worst being asthma

– Chris


I started D3 supplementing, also my diet is beef fat (50-100g), rib eye steaks (500g) and fish roe (50g).

Seems like the severe breakouts have stopped. The skin is better now, but not healed completely.



I would say the biggest change would be my lack of hunger. Food is not on my mind as much as it used to be.

I feel cleaner, and more aware/awake. I also spend much less money on food.



I have been sticking to the diet and I feel better and better, my sex drive was dead and it has come back. Another sign of things improving, so far so good!. Thanks again man and I shall continue to support you! take care Frankie.